8 de fev. de 2016

Guerlain and LVMH Attacks Freedom of Speech - Condemnation Note

The PDD - Perfume Do Dia and its author position against the abuses of power  committed by both Guerlain and its parental company, LVMH, that commited recently an attack against the freedom of speech on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Using the lame excuse of copyright infringement  the brand Was able to remove several pages, blogs, youtube and twitter accounts that had in its name the word Guerlain. And this without any previous warning.

Between the affected ones i highlight the personal, free and very professional work of more than one decade made by Ulrik Thomsen, more known as Monsieur Guerlain. This excuse used by the Brand is very lame since during many years Ulrik kept his blog under that name and also recently a Facebook Page too, always speaking with a very positive and passion way about the brand, its launches, similarties beetween fragrances and reformulations. However, this might seem threatening for a brand that seems to have decided recently to rewrite and cheapen its history in a very frivolous way, as if it wasn't relevant.

Due the lack of respect with its consumers, fragrance lovers and those passioned by the brand, i communicate that from now i won't write anything else about any Guerlain fragrance launched after today. We don't support totalitarians and misleading brands.

For who wants to understand more about the subject, i recommend the excelent post made on the Kafkaesque blog:


16/04/2016 Update - After Monsieur Guerlain was able to recover both his Facebook Page and blog and explained the situation, the blog returns to cover Guerlain fragrances. But, I leave an advice for Guerlain: be more wise in your virtual actions and learn to take responsibility for the damage done. Apologies don't hurt no one.