13 de mar. de 2011

Modoc - Xerjoff (English Review)

Notes: Iris, Vetiver, Musk

One thing is clear every time i try a another fragrance from the perfume brand Xerjoff. One of its main  concerns is the care with the quality, the desire of not compromising it, and this is translating with a care which starts in the packaging and bottle up and end in the scent itself. This makes their perfumes not between the most accesible and affordable, and some wonder, is they are really worth of purchase, specially due to a classical style rather than a risky and shocking aesthetic. They, however, stand out mainly by the quality of materials used and the perfect execution. Modoc is one which doesn't escape this rule.

Modoc is an elegant rendition of vetiver. Like all the scents they use that note, the vetiver is put in the scent of the formula, making the other notes surround it from the beginning until the end. The vetiver aroma is balanced between its varied facets, without compromising any of them. At first, you notice on skin the rubbery and riskier side of vetiver, which suggests clearly the smell of leather, wrapped in a delicate and evanescent citrusy note. Next, vetiver goes  into its woody and leafy smell. And from this point Modocs stand out as a great use of vetiver. It perfect blends it with a nice base of iris and musk, classic and warm, and the marriage is so naturak that I wonder why nobody did this before in a so clear execution like this one. The iris here is creamier rather than powdery, with a nuance of anise similar found in Iris Pallida from L'Artisan, but with a slight sweetness that this one doesn't have. The musk is well proportioned avoding the base to go in a generic finishing.

Modoc is a beautiful scent in its balanced trio of vetiver, iris and musk. None of these notes is new to many fragrance lovers, but the quality and consistency that Modoc combines the three notes is what makes it a good composition. The quality is not always translated into something groundbreaking, and sometimes the difference is exactly in the details, using the best raw materials possible to ensure a perfect union between each element. That's what makes Modoc a creation of this brand that is worth being tried and maybe purchased if it matches your desires and fragrance style.

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