14 de mar. de 2011

Nio - Xerjoff (English Review)

Notes:  Neroli, Bergamot, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Pink Pepper Cedar, Guaiac Wood, Patchouli, Vetiver

The Xerjoff Shooting Stars line tries to cover with each one of its masculine fragrances different tipes of known fragrances, that together may constitute an olfactory wardrobe of quality and expensive fragrances or thar separate can offer different options to be choosen according individual preferences. Some of the fragrances use the natural and high quality raw materials the best way they can, presenting a slightly different facet that make it interesting, like the tobacco and clary sage combination of Oroville or the vetiver wrapped in iris and musk in Modoc. Nio, however, presenting a fragrance which covers the citrus part of this masculine wardrobe, doesn't add anything knew and relies exclusively on the quality of its raw materials.

Your interesting in Nio will depend on exclusively about your taste for woody citrus fragrances and your willing in paying a premium price for a fragrance which invest highly on the citric part and try to make it last the longest possible. Nio seems to use the best Neroli and Bergamot available, and you notice it on the first hours of the fragrance, which are of refreshing, green and sparkling citric aroma, with a slightly bittersweet aspect. This seems to echos throught the fragrance heart, which progrides into a core of spicy-fresh aromas, dominated by the nutmeg and pink pepper. There is still something of the opening in the basenotes too. Very close to skin, between the salty patchouli and dry woody aroma of vetiver, cedar and guaiac it's possible to see it in a subtle way the sparkling citrus that starts in a so uplifiting way Nio.

Nio cannot add something different to this citric woody genre, already explored to the exhaustion. Still, the main aspect which all xerjoff have make Nio stand out even being so classical.  Few fragrances on this genre make the sparkling moments of the opening last so longer, and xerjoff nio is among them. Maybe the main problem is that if is really worthy to invest so much more money to ensure just some more moments of a quality sparkling citrus. And this is exactly something that only you and your taste will be able to evalute when trying Nio on skin.

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