24 de jul. de 2011

Havâne Pour Homme - En Voyage Perfumes English Review

Notes: Bergamot, Lime Peel, Caribbean Mint, Green Tea, Crushed Mint Leaves, Petitgrain, Silver Fir, Violet,Virginia Cedar, Bay Rum, Vanilla, Tonka, Leather, Tobacco

Havâne Pour Homme seems to tell the history of a fragrant tourist among the exotic creations of En Voyage Perfumes. This seems to be discreet one, which takes care of his hygiene, which you can perceive by the clean mint smell that evokes his shaving habits and bathing rituals. The discreet foreigner masculine aroma has a personality constructed around the smell of minty leaves, citrus aromas and discreet sweet rum. The violet leaf gave you that abstract masculine fragrance aroma, which is combined with the herbal green tea and the coniferous silver fir and evokes a Tourist Male which is beauty but a little too simple. He seems to keep some secrets tough, because you see some intimate different smells very close to skin. In an unusual way, the minty citrus overall impression last during all the day and is completed  by a sweet skin scent base of vanilla and  Tonka Beans , that only bring a bare sweet touch to the clean smell and that it’s more evident on the final moments of this tourist on skin. Havâne Pour Homme work perfect as a kind of beauty and anonymous aroma, but seems to disappear from memory after its olfactive visit ends, especially because he is among incredible and intense exotic memories of the other En Voyage perfumes.

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