17 de jul. de 2011

Kiki Eau de Parfum - Vero Profumo English Review

Notes: Lavender essential oil, bergamot, citron, passion fruit, lavender absolute, geranium, caramel, patchouli, musk

If the passion fruit note disputes the center of attentions with vetiver as the main note of Onda EDP, on Kiki it seems to be a part of the original idea since the beginning.  Even if that all Vero Kern Fragrance end being of a high quality and interest, Kiki EDP stand out because of the harmony, good longevity and due to the olfactive beauty of easy understanding.. The dillution and the addition of new notes give the lavender idea a more classical edge, close to an usual masculine fougere, but with a pleasant sweet and fruity aroma that make it shareable, an alternativa for someone who search fragrances with sweet aspects but not intensively sweet. At the first moments, the lavender shows the more classical personality, the one which is more used at tradiotional perfumery. Mixed with the citric notes of bergamot, citron and tied with the green floral of geranium, the opening on skin has a minty herbal smell, a lit bit medicinal that you find at classical masculine fougeres. Slowly the lavender sweet side becomes more intense and you see it getting mixed with the burnt sugar aroma of caramel and the bitter and fruity passion fruit. If at extrait the caramel was not so evident, at the edp you can see it clearly and it's a great combination to the vanilla aspect of lavender. The passion fruit completes the tercet and this moment you wonder why such a natural combination was never done by someone before. The final moments of Kiki reveals a musk that seems to also have a fruity edge and that is mixed with a subtler and woodier patchouli. Kiki is extremely recommended for the ones that search for a fougere able to connect projection, longevity on a fragrance wich is modern and classical at the same time.

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