20 de jul. de 2011

Kiki Extrait de Parfum - Vero Profumo English Review

Notes: lavender, caramel, musk, fruits

You notice on Vero Profumo fragrance line a choice made by its perfumer and owner, Vero Kern, in keeping a compact available range of options that doesn't offer themes with similar identities and executions. What you see is that the perfumer explored in an eclectic way different olfactive families, giving different contours to the executions tied around the main note of every fragrance. If Onda reveals itself like a dark, complex and mutant vetiver that is chypre, leathery and woody, Kiki is opposed to its darkness offering a simple, longlasting and flawless fruity aromatic smell. The Paris homage is transformed into a special care with a classical perfumery noite, the lavender, extracting from its smell a pure and delicate idea. The lavender loose the medicinal edge and gains a subtle gourmand nuance, where its offnote vanillic aroma gains an extra color by a sheer and modered caramel smell. Kiki has, different from Onda and almost linear aura throught the evolution on skin, and it's quite evocative of a aromatic breeze that carries the smell of distant desserts and lavender fields and fruity trees.  The fruity aspect on Kiki is hidden behind the sweet leafy lavender, and seems to reveal itself at some moments with a more adult and abstract form. The musk is used here with a control hand, giving alloy to the lavender, caramel and fruits and emphasizing the luminous, creamy and breezy aspects of the idea. Kiki exhales a classical and uncompromising sofistication, direct and easy to be understood, an idea that is of a simplicity that you can only achieve with perfection when you have a talented experienced perfumer and high quality raw materials.

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