14 de jul. de 2011

Rubj Extrait de Parfum - Vero Profumo English Review

Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Musk

Closing the trilogy of Vero Profumo Parfums we have Rubj which is, like Onda, an intense and outstanding aroma, but at the same time compact and straightforward as Kiki. Vero Kern has a predilection for high quality raw materials, and you can perceive this in Rubj with the beauty, intensive and longlasting orange blossom used. The Rubj  radiancy creates its sensual floral chord, rich in citrus and floral nuances, as if the orange blossom possessed a soul which is freed on contact with skin. Warm and full of life, it is the kind of floral where simplicity is shown incredibly complex and addictive, in a way that makes us admire and examine every detail of its scent. Among the cheerful, warm, beautiful and sensual floral scent of orange blossom, you can feel a discrete, close to skin use of a subtle and green jasmine, which adds ​​complexity to the main idea, also merging perfect with the main floral idea - you hardly notice the transition or the separation between one flower to another. The musk used stands as a basis to the two striking flowers, never being dominant in the skin, because it’s still possible to feel, when rubj reaches its base, a fruity and floral aroma from the orange blossom, giving more space to notice the creamy musk that lurks behind it, in the intense first hours. As Onda, Rubj leaves no room for indifference; its beauty seems to come from an alternate world that causes wonder or awe when applied. With a high quality line and so personal fragrances, Vero Kern leaves us eager awaiting for the beauty and artistry of their future works.

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