30 de ago. de 2011

Blanc des Cottons - Sinfonia di Note English Review

Notes: floral notes, lavender, vanilla, amber, guaiac wood

The theme picked by the Italian niche brand Sinfonia di Note is doubly risky. Fabric inspired fragrances and white inspired ones usually have cliché results that difficulty going beyond a sparkling musky dominance. The brand could have produced just another fruity musky aroma in market crowded with options like this when combining both inspiration, but the result goes very far from this. What is proposed in Blanc des Cottons is a radiant and cozy second skin produced from materials that would rather result in an intense thing instead of a clever cozy one.

Blanc des Cotons captures the delicious smell that some fragrances leave on clothes, a smell that persists even after they being launched and that gets evident at the moment where the warm of the iron gets in contact with the fabric, dispersing at the an abstract and warm perfumed aura. Connect to this idea, Blanc des Cotons has a distant and abstract aura that it’s at the same time long-lasting and dynamic, going through powdery, mineral, and subtly sweet aspects.

This abstract white fabric has a faint and abstract floral aura at the first minutes due to a clever use of aldehydes at the opening. The aldehydes doesn’t seem to be associated to any specific flower or fruity idea, giving the Idea of a flower shape that is return back to life when the warmth of skin makes it exhale. After this first impression the idea develops to cozy lavender and amber-like dominance, a lucid one that projects the caramelic nuance of a lavender idea and the sweet warm aspect of the amber part. Vanilla and guaiac wood are kept at the background, producing a soft powdery vanilla impression that meets the light woody sparkling touch of guaiac.

Blanc des cottons has the brightness of the white color and the softness of cotton, but extract those aspects from a meticulous equilibrium of dramatic notes, that here whisper with harmony while show their beauty on the skin. The theme doesn’t produce and intense and incredibly lasting fragrance, but expecting this from Blanc des Cottons would be a little bit unfair considering the theme. Its delicate and abstract floral of sweet and woody shapes last a reasonable amount of skin and seem perfect for any Day that you need a different skin scent that has quality and a different evolution.

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