31 de ago. de 2011

Kouros Fraîcheur - Yves Saint Laurent English Review

Notes: Pineapple, orange blossom, clove, ginger, amber, patchouli, vetiver

In one of the Best fresh renditions of the original Idea, Kouros Fraîcheur is one of Yves Saint Laurent creations that for some mysterious reasons weren’t successful enough to be kept in production. Kouros Frâicheur doesn’t go through the easy road of producing a watered down and distant version of the polemic and intense Kouros, some that would probably have happened if it was launched now that the license is administrated by Loreal. Launched in 1993, Kouros Frâicheur cleans the animalic aspects produced by the musks that surround the original, only suggesting them by the fruity and barely floral opening on skin.  Pineapple, bergamot and orange floral produce a fresh, slightly sweet impression, which is sensual with a controlled dirtiness to it. They quickly develop to the classic fougere side of the traditional that ends being more evident in Fraîcheur without the animalic musky to compete with it. There is sober and manly aura coming from the combination of amber, patchouli and vetiver, tempered by the traditional clove-ish aura that is noticeable in most of classical fougeres. The ginger balances those notes in order to keep the promised freshness, but without compromising the main structure of the aroma. Kouros Fraîcheur is classic and fresh, a complex smell that achieves with its balance a quality that doesn’t get older with time, a quality that wasn’t maybe recognized at the time it was launched, which would explain the discontinuation of such a exquisite interpretation of Kouros.

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