8 de ago. de 2011

M7 Fresh - Yves Saint Laurent English Review

Notes: mandarin orange, grapefruit, bergamot, ginger, agarwood, bitter orange, vetiver, musk.
In a past where the brand seemed to care with the quality of its flankers the same way of their main launches, M7 Fresh was created to cover the gap that M7 wasn’t able to cover. Exceptional and ahead of its time, M7 was one of the first commercial fragrances to use it as its main inspiration the agarwood note, used for many generations at Arabian perfumery; M7 recreates its aroma using a thick medicinal opening and a sweet, incensed and amber base, creating at the heart the woody part of oud.
The idea, however, seemed more adequate to colder weather and night, being a little bit challenging getting used to wear it every day and at hot weather. In this scenario, M7 Fresh is created as a related flanker to its brother, completing him offering a centered agarwood rendition that assumes a muskier and citric aura, where the agarwood is the most important note to avoid being a generic citric musk offering.
M7 Fresh is the Yang half to the nocturnal Yin M7. This ensures that its aura remains fresh and light from the beginning until the end.  The first moments on skin reveal lemon-like aroma which is fresh, combined with what seems to be culinary herbs to produce a clean and traditional opening, far from the medicinal thickness present on the opening of the original. The agarwood accord is revealed at the moment you start to question the link between both fragrances, emphasizing on Fresh the woodier aspect of our without presenting the sweet and amber facets of the note. To keep the focus on it the base works more like a musky and dry background, where the vetiver is moved from the heart to the base to extend the dry woodiness of agarwood and while the musk surrounds it as a slightly sweet and luminous aura that tries to keep M7 Fresh for a longer time on skin.
M7 Fresh will be probably seen as a too simple and common interpretation by those that enjoyed the dense, outstanding and long-lasting aroma of original M7, being more a pleasant surprise to those that didn’t like the complicate aspects of the older brother. Both fragrances have their value and learning to use them on the right occasions is an experience that makes you appreciate them in a complementary way that is seldom seen in commercial perfumery between the original Idea and its fresher flanker. M7 Fresh show that is able to create an easier to like rendition without cheapening or trivializing the first concept.

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