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Y - Yves Saint Laurent English Review

Notes:  aldehydes, honeysuckle, gardenia, green notes, peach and mirable plum, tuberose, orris root, jasmine, hiacynth, ylang-ylang and bulgarian rose, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, benzoin, civet, oakmoss, vetiver,styrax

As the first fragrance of the brand, Y de Yves Saint Laurent would define with style the debut of an important designer to the perfumery segment, one that with time would show to be one of the biggest and most important ones, one that would product huge commercial successes that still remain unique at their personalities until today.
Y is a good reference to the features of a YSL brand that died with the person who conceived it, a brand that used to stood out from its rivals and which today doesn’t seem to distinguish from them. Even that Y is a green and floral chypre as many of the fragrances from its time, there is a complex balance on its notes that is not so easy to be found on this kind of fragrances It seems to dose as much the green aspect as the earthy, mossy, flowery and fruity ones, constructing a complex olfactory silhouette that becomes sensual in a sober way, proper for the ideal fragrance of the era he was conceived and timeless enough to still sound elegant nowadays.
Y opens with a delicious green aroma among the flowers and the aldehidic touch. After that, there is a symphony of white and carnal flowers that are set against the fresh and natural earthiness of moss and the orris. This seems to be a textbook example to produce a sensual flowery bouquet that has all the nature elements to recreate it in all the aspects. The moss leaves an adequate space for the perception of the other elements that compose its base. You also notice the woods, resins and sweet aromas of the base, which seems to be more comfortable today to the masculine public to the feminine one due to the sweet and delicate fruity floral style that dominates woman fragrances now.
Y has a clear identity, an aroma that unites several different elements on a single fragrance and without neglect any detail. Your smell seems to have today a nostalgic aura, because creations with the quality that it has aren’t done anymore by the brand today; you have a clear notion that the person responsible for YSL brand doesn’t have any passion or respect for the work that turned the brand to be something relevant. It’s probable that if Y had been launched today it would have been another faceless fragrance, a generic letter on a aromatic alphabet soup of launches that always have a similar aroma.

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