25 de set. de 2011

Brussels Sprouted, Commando - Smell Bent English Review

Brussels Sprouted and Commando shows a side of Brent creations which is interesting but not necessarily comfortable or easily wearable. Brent is not afraid of going really dirty or animal to achieve the result he wants, with fragrances that use musks outside of their creamy and musky dominant use. Maybe the difficult part of them is the intense capture of dirt or humid facets, with a linear evolution that makes them difficult to be enjoyed by the ones that are not so fond of dirty scents. But, with the rest of the line, they are unique scents that stand out from the sameness of the current creations on the market.

Commando notes: Animal musks, tonka bean

Commando is one of the first fragrances of the line and it seems like an experiment with animal musks. The combination try to diversifies them and make them acceptable by balancing with the controlled nutty and creamy aspects of tonka. But the blend ends favoring the dirty side instead of finding an harmony between the two sides. Commando is really dirty, animalic, sweaty, a little bit fecal. It's not a fragrance where you end getting used with the fecal and sweaty aspects of the musk, cause they are present from the beginning until the end (probably if you are anosmic to musks you'll detect the tonka more intensively than them). It's a primal scent, direct to the point, maybe more a conceptual fragrance than a wearable one.

Brussels Sprouted notes: Sprouted greens, green musks, cedar

As Commando, Brussels Sprouted relies heavily on musks and it's a linear and direct to the point composition, where the theme is a capture of a belgium forest scenario, the charcoal forest. Part of the leisure cruise collection, Brussels Sprouted is a stop at a green, dense and humid forest. The first hours on skin produce a fragrant realistic scenario of humid woods and leafs on a forest that doesn't seem to receive a lot of sun or fresh air. The musk is used to emphasize and retain those aspects, which are more acceptable on colder days than on warmer ones. After the intense green side goes away brussels sprouted goes on quieter and more comfortable direction of woody cedar and a slightly incensed musky aroma. Brussels Sprouted, like Commando, seems very conceptual, trying to link the humorous name with the aroma itself, but different of Commando it's a creation that it's more easy to be wear.

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