27 de set. de 2011

Ginger Lily - Providence Perfume Co English Review

Notes: ginger, bitter orange, pepper, ylang-ylang, ginger orchid, rose, styrax, cognac, vetiver, copahu balm, amber

Notes noticed on skin at the first 15 minutes: ginger, pepper, bitter orange

Notes noticed on skin after 15 minutes until the next 2 hours: orchid ginger, ylang-ylang, rose, styrax

Notes noticed on skin after from 2 hours until the end of the fragrance:  amber, cognac, vetiver copahu balm

Brief Impression (click on read more to see the full review): an harmony of spiced freshness and sensual flowery powderyness

In tune with Providence Co aesthetic, Ginger and Lily is a fragrance about the perfect marriage of spices and flowers. On Charna hands ginger and lily seem to be best friends since their existence. Ginger is explored here with different facets throught the evolution on skin. At first, it's sweeter and fresher size is made more complex with the bitterness of the orange. Then the spiciness of the note gets evident with the peppery use. Pepper make ginger looks salty at the same time it's sweeter too, producing a curious duality of sweet-salt aroma. Slowly the ginger shows a subtle flowery size blending with the ylang-ylang, rose, and orchid at the heart. They produce a slightly bitter, slightly powdery, with honey-like nuances to constrat with the dominance of ginger. This is the longlasting phase of the fragrance, that only goes after 4 hours on skin, leaving space for a cozy, slightly sweet and boozy base of woody abstract aura. Ginger achieves with grace the combination of ginger and lily and is able to produce a pleasant fragrance to be observed throught the skin, one that can be more flowery or more spicy according the way you analize the aroma that comes to the nose.

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