19 de set. de 2011

One - Smell Bent Review

Notes: aging paperbacks, cardamom, vanilla, dry wood, sweet musk

Notes noticed on skin at the first 15 minutes: cardamom, vanilla

Notes noticed on skin after 15 minutes until the next 2 hours: aging paperbacks, vanilla

Notes noticed on skin after from 2 hours until the end of the fragrance: vanilla, dry wood, sweet musk

Brief Impression (click on read more to see the full review): vanilla cake of cardamom spiciness and creamy musky base

One it's not the firs fragrance of Smell Bent, but it's a good one to start the exploration of what now is a big and diversified line. The line create by Brent is more about having fun with simple but well crafted fragrances than creating and ultra expensive and posh aura. While being exquisite is not a bad thing at all being simple is not a fault and this is show by a lot of Brent creations, including One. One was created to celebrate the first brand's anniversary and now is brought back to celebrate their second one. This is a cake fragrance that deserves to be created again and it's a great way to celebrate their existence doing consistence and fun fragrances like they have being doing so far.

One is all about vanilla from the beginning until the end. This is a cake the gives you a lot of the vanilla you would wish on your cake. But it's not an ultra sugared and sickening vanilla; one explore the boozy, roasted sidees of the note, enhancing its subtle rostiness with dry wood and aging paperbacks. The opening is all about creating an spicy vanilla top to the cake, with a cardamom note explored in a way that produces a creamy, corn-like impression that suits well the vanilla. After that the scent evolutes to an almost coconut impression, then focusing on the boozy and liqueurish sides of vanilla, but in a way that doesn't seem so intense. The aging paperback seems to have a vanilla edge too and gives a nice perfumed paper aura that is around the vanilla until the base, where you gete a cream musky impression exploring the last traces of vanilla, paired with what seems to evoke sometimes a distant sandalwood aroma.

As most of Smell Bent aromas, One is simple, exploring the best it can the main theme with the most possible details that it can. This is not a ultra expensive cake, it's one that you can celebrate without expending a huge amount of money. One is a celebration example of a line that fits that place where you neither have the ultra prestige aura or the market sameness, focusing on producing a very well made fragrance. I wish that many years come to Smell Bent and that we may see this delicious cake more times soon.

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