12 de set. de 2011

Un Crime Exotique - Parfumerie Generale English Review

Notes: Gingerbread, Osmanthus, Tea, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Mate Absolute, Vanillar Sugar, Sandalwood

Notes noticed on skin at the first 15 minutes: gingerbread, tea, osmanthus, mate

Notes noticed on skin after 15 minutes until the next 2 hours: cinnamon, mate, gingerbread, vanilla sugar

Notes noticed on skin after from 2 hours until the end of the fragrance: traces of cinnamon and mate, vanilla sugar, sandalwood

Brief Impression (click on read more to see the full review): passionate and longlasting winter crime of spices, ginger and sugar

As part of the more misterious range of Parfumerie Generale, Un Crime Exotique is another Pierre Guillaume creation that plays with sweet notes to produce a clever gourmand aroma, one that stand out for the perfect balance of darkness and sweetness. For some people gourmand aromas may be considered a crime, maybe a taste one due to the intense sugariness of some offerings that transform the person into a pudding if he or she doesn't know how to douse it. But if it's a crime to love and wear them, one of the best forms is to produce one exploring the coziness of gingerbread and the exotic combination of osmanthus, tea, mate absolute and cinnamon.

Un Crime Exotique has a winter and warming aura, one that is distorced on higher temperatures. But at the lower ones it delivers a combition of sugared spiciness through warm tea aromas that seems to help enduring lower temperatures. The gingerbread opens the composition with a sweet ginger aroma, slightly fresh and spicy, one that has an exotic tea aura and a honeyed aroma. Osmanthus is here explored a part of the tea crime, offering a fruity sweet aura to the dark tea exoticness. As the crime goes on, the fragrance start to explore the burnt aspects of its aroma, taking the honey aura to a more serious direction. The vanilla sugar here has a smoky quality mixed with the burnt sugariness and its the point to conduct the inteded crime to its end of creamy woody aroma of sandalwood, the moment where the scent assumes the simplest facet of itself but still keeping an aura to only seems to belong to itself.

Un Crime Exotique is simple and complex at the same time, comfortable and baffling through its constant shfiting of sweetness and spicy roasted aura. It's a gourmand scent capable of evoking the warm coziness of a hot spiced tea drinked in front of a fireplace with your best and softest blanket over you. As a clever and exotice fragrance, it's suitable for winter days, so you may be careful wearing it on hot temperatures to avoid a real crime of being suffocated by the intense mixture of teas, spices and sugared aromas. It's a crime that has to be enjoyed in moderation.

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