2 de out. de 2011

Divine, Tabac Citron - Providence Perfume Co Reviews

Divine Notes: coriander, bergamot, bitter orange, jasmine, orange flower, neroli, rose, angelica, amber, ambrette seed, vanilla

Tabac Citron Notes: lemon, rosewood, grapefruit, lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, white tobacco

Brief Impressions  (click on read more to see the full review):

Divine - a classical take on cologne with a twist on the base

Tabac Citron - a summer refreshing lemon of sweet, fizzy and bitter contrasts

Even that Providence Perfume Co fragrances are not gender oriented, some man may not feel comfortable with their fragrances. Most of them use as a key note flowers, which is an unniverse not explored widely by man. Divine and Tabac Citron may be excellent options to start exploring the line for a man that wants something less flowery and maybe more quiet and longlasting.

Divine is quite a surprise on skin considering how is descripted. Despited being considered a warm, exotic and sensual feminine aroma, Divine seems more of a balanced act of cologne freshness that explore citric fruits and citrus flowers to extract their herbal part and the contrast of the citric freshness and bitterness of the notes. Divine opens with a sparkling orange aroma and this moment you already have part of the bitterness, balanced to not ruin the fragrance. As the scent goes on skin it reaches the flowery section, that here is worked to extract the citric part. The flowers seem to leave their sensual facets behind, showing a green, lemony aroma that gives Divine a fougere face. The fougere aspect is transported into the base with a green herbal aroma comming from angelica, contrasting with a quiet combination of dry amber and a musky ambrette seed with a discreet use of vanilla.

Tabac Citron is about a citrus dominance the same way Divine is. But on Tabac Citron the emphasis is put on a lemon aroma, combined with tabac leaves that seems to have more of a green aroma than a smoky one that you expect from a tobacco composition. The scent starts with a sweet lemon, slightly bitter and fizzy. The lemon pie aspect is retained in parts at the heart, with the rose providing part of the lemony accents and the lavender playing with a discreet creamy vanillic aroma. The Ylang-ylang is very hard to be noticed here, with a small use just to give an abstract fruitiness. The tobacco aroma promissed on the name is only evident at the base and it's discreet and comfortable, more of a greenish and woody tobacco than a smoky one.

Divine and Tabac Citron seems perfect as office scents due to their discreet evolutions. Both scents go into a whispering voice after two hours that is noticeable by the person who wears them but probably not noticeable by people around the wearer, which may avoid problems with colleagues that have allergies or don't like scents. They are able to offer high quality citrus aromas, complex ones that retain the citric opening by a clever match of notes during the evolution. They may be safe offerings to start exploring the line, but they don't fall into the simplistic evolution that most of safe offers tend to go. And even tough they seem to be easier to be liked by man, both will be perfect to the womens searching to balance the sensual offerings of the line with quieter and refreshing options.

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