8 de out. de 2011

Neroli 36 - Le Labo English Review

Notes: neroli, mandarin orange, rose, jasmine,calone, musk, tonka beans, vanilla

As something already expected from this brand, Neroli 36 seems to have little relantioship between the name proposed and the scent itself. With a use of 36 different notes, the final result is only a medium musky cologne. And while it seems to be better structured, it fails to last a longer time on skin. Neroli 36 starts with a slightly green and citric aroma, going into the direction of soft creamy tonka section. The use of rose and jasmine seems to be only to give a hint of the notes, and they got lost under the calone and musk strong projection. The musk used seems to have in parts a green and citric aura, but it also give the fragrance a cologne generic aura. Neroli 36 seems like the predecessor of Dior Cologne Blanche, another generic cologne offering, and both seems to offer an expensive luxury cologne but fails to really deliver one. As usual, it's a pleasant one at least, but it's a case were you spend 145 dollars for something that would probably cost less than half of that. It's hard to find more things to talk about Neroli 36, since the scent has little to offer, in both identity and complexity.

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