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Atelier Cologne Rendez Vous,Sous Le Toit de Paris, Silver Iris and Gold Leather - Short Fragrance Reviews English

It can be seen after the use of various perfumes  that Atelier Cologne brand in its short life span of five years has established itself as a kind of modern classic one. The classic look can certainly be seen in the choice of consecrated notes on diverse subjects and the modern part in its aforementioned olfactory signature of musks, woods citrus and minerals. If their creations do not innovate, they do not sin in the offering and become excellent stylish options for use in daily life. There is virtually something for everyone within the brand - and if not there at the time certainly will be, as the Atelier has maintained a steady pace of launches. In this 4 reviewed one especially can again realize the diversity of aromas worked into the compositions.

Rendez-vous - this is a composition for those passionate for the delicate and fruity fragrance of osmanthus and its leather secondary nuance. Here, the osmanthus is paired with the silky scent of amber ambroxan and a patchouli that mixed with suede note and violet help to create a softer leather impression which is also slightly earthy. The fruitier side of osmanthus is highlighted with a peach aroma and a touch of pink pepper complete the creation giving a spicy and sweet aura.

Sous Le Toit de Paris - commemorating the centenary of the dome of the classic Gallerie Laffayete in Paris, Atelier Cologne has created an interesting aquatic scent that explores this aspect by the combination of citrus notes to the aroma of violet leaf, complementing the idea with a spicy and dry aroma. The first impression of the perfume, more masculine, does not give the musky silky tone and gently vanilla from its base, which creates a very pleasant foamy texture seem at the end of its evolution.

Silver Iris - in my opinion, among the best creations of the brand. It is an example of how it would be Vie Est Belle La Lancôme if there was a balance in its scent rather than an attempt to drown the iris accord and flowers in sugar. Silver Iris is gracious from beginning to end, with the sweet aspect never becoming exaggerated and helping rounding the most earthy and vegetal iris aroma of the composition.

Gold Leather - a scent that seems inspired freely in the sweet aroma of leather and tobacco from Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. Gold leather has the same sweetness, though enhancing more the aroma of plums, leaving the rum nuance more evident and creating a base where the leather divides clearly the space with woody and dry aroma of the agarwood and cedar combination. While Tuscan Leather looks dense throughout, Gold Leather seems to develope more spacious and with more 'air', allowing you to detect more clearly the elements of its composition.

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