20 de set. de 2015

Dior Sauvage Fragrance Review (English)

It is necessary to analyze Sauvage, the new Dior male perfume pillar, first looking maube at the context. This is a product where what is communicated is certainly off the scent itself and more focused in the context of its release, which to me is as follows:

  1. Sauvage come in times of economic crisis and global uncertainty. This certainly greatly affects the luxury markets, which depend on the sale of non-essential items. It is easier, however, to sell a perfume, more accessible luxury than a luxurious and expensive garment. So, in times like those you do not take risks with innovative fragrances since a considerable part of the revenue comes from this kind of item.
  2. Sauvage comes at a time where the separation between commercial and more exclusive line of Dior has never been so clear. Although the Collection Privée is not exactly a line risky in innovation, it is certainly today the creative laboratory of Dior and the place where it directs creations that may or may not sell much.
  3. Indirectly, Dior wants to be like Chanel, able to have a pristine aura of luxury and seduction at the same time trying to target very different audiences. And in the wake of the worldwide success of Bleu de Chanel, it seems a clear movement to offer something like it.

It is in this context that is launched a perfume with a name that references to a past classic of the brand, a color reference to the major competitor's sales success, a bottle reminiscent of the luxury of the exclusive line and a chosen actor to convey the idea (at least for me) that Sauvage is the scent for the man who does not fit the typical standards of beauty of traditional ads. Sauvage seems made for the common man, who wants to have a pleasant smell without having to think too much about it.

I can not say I'm disappointed, because I had this expectation. However, I feelt perhaps surprised by the extremely direct and accurate approach that Dior chose. Sauvage doesn't risk, as well as Bleu, one centimeter  and all possible the cliches of men's perfumes are here, calibrated that at distance  it creates a pleasant aura for those who feel it.

Another thing that catches my attention in this perfume is like the line between brazillian mainstream and imported perfumery is  get increasingly subtle. While I see that Natura has successively risked in creating men's fragrances that escape the classic evolution of the brand and that try to look sophisticated (for our market) as an imported perfume, Sauvage could clearly be the scent of the Natura to compete with the Bleu de Chanel (and perhap is surprising that no national brand has done nothing yet in this regard).

Sauvage opens with a typical aromatic freshness of the Natura perfumery. It's something that reminds me at the same time the slightly sweet citrus opening of Bleu and the artificial and fresh scent of lavender that Natura uses in perfumery too, and that can be clearly seen in their succes of sales called Kaiak. At some point, however, some synthetic going on Sauvage stands out and makes me think of wet wood smell after you pass lavender furniture polish. It is an impression that luckily does not last long because it is not pleasant. After that, the perfume ends in an evolution which mixes the slightly woody  mineral smell of iso e super with a slight hint of moss, leather and a touch of ambroxan aroma, a light amber of excellent fixation.

I predict Sauvage will sell very well if it isn't already selling well. We live in an age where we are increasingly overloaded with information and uncertainty, unsure of our identity, trying to merge it to the collective. It is likely that LVMH, which owns Dior, has sophisticated data analysis tools and noticed all this to create this perfume. Its focus certainly were not critics, collectors of perfumes or the most passionate hardcore perfumista. It may be that eventually it pleases these people as well, since its aroma is calibrated to be nice, even if it is a half anonymously. Certainly in the past I would have done the Sauvage fiercer criticism, but now understand that it is not for me and I see what is their reason of existence. I will wait for the flankers waiting, even without much expectations, something pretty spectacular to be created.

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