10 de set. de 2015

Nimerè Parfums Cuir No 6, Solo A V, Marquise e Secret Desires Virgin - Reviews

When I identify with a brand, it's like I formed a new friendship with a universe that is compatible with mine. I find it very difficult to do this in this deep way when you have a distance between the values ​​and concepts offered and what is delivered in reality, unless, by some miracle, it has a very good perfume disconnected from the concept. In Nimeré I see a consistency between what I would call luxury craftsmanship and the quality of the scent itself, with a strong appeal to the luxury of the past. Still, the diversity of themes worked and options makes the exploitation of the brand perfume a very pleasurable experience. It is even difficult not being redundant when every fragrance is at least good and many are excellent. The four  i evaluate today in addition to fit this show this diversity of themes explored.

Cuir No 6 - i notice that me and Nikolay have in common a passion for leather aromas, since it is a recurring aroma in his Nimerè creations. In Cuir 6 I expected in a leather loaded on birch aroma and iso butyl quinoline (IBQ, to emulate a classical synthetic aroma of leather), that more smoked leather with an aspect of varnish. However, its aroma brings me to the more abstract leather with nuances of vanilla leather in  L'Artisan Dzing !, however more heavier and more evident in a base of resins. The varnish nuance ,/ chalk that from the IBQ leather chord is still noticeable, but serves as a complement to the smell of submerged leather resins and sugary nuances Unlike L'Artisan, Cuir No 6 is full bodied and remains so throughout its evolution.

Solo AV - a creation that had as muse the Russian singer Anjelika Varum, Solo AV is like a refreshing cocktail of fruits and citrus leaves in a lemon aromas related scale. It is perhaps one of the most light  Nimerè perfumes and a composition with a chic summer aura. By having a more refreshing theme, this would be a perfume with a potential of being short lived on skin, However, the construction of a resinous base which favors fresh nuances and lemon materials such as incense and myrrh in the right proportions can keep fixing and transition within the theme keeping the lemon as a key element of the idea.

Marquise - certainly related to the classic chypre of No 3 (Shades of The Darkness), however an interesting variation of the theme which gives a more obvious oriental character. Marquis has the patchouli aroma and very strong and earthy oak moss, though you can see a beautiful combination of iris and violet making the idea even more sophisticated. The base has an aroma of vanilla and sweetened resin that softens somehow the more serious side of chypre and gives you a greater sensuality.

Secret Desires Virgin - another of the beautiful multicolored floral Nikolay under a musk base, resins and vanilla. Secret Desires is very sensual, cheerful and engaging in its aroma which for me makes me think of jasmine, ylang, rose and freesia. There is something of yellow flowers also a slight hint of pollen, and a subtle fruity touch rounding-up. It is a scent that seems to youth to a more adult sensuality as it develops on the skin. Very well done, great length as almost all the perfumes of Nimerè.