2 de set. de 2015

Nimerè Parfums Eva, Les Jardins de Paradis, Pleasures and Sweet Kiss a Trace - Fragrance Reviews

From the left to the right: Eva, Les Jardins de Paradis and Sweet Kiss a Trace

It is difficult to pinpoint a single standard in both inspiration and creation style for Nikolay Eremin in his Nimerè parfums. It is as if he tried to harmonize both what seems his fondness for perfumes with clearly classical structure and the more contemporary desires of their customers and consumers. At the same time, in the inspiration field hia perfumes revolve around emotions, people, notes and places. What certainly unifies all themes and styles is the use of the meaning of numbers in the way it works olfactory structures within each theme. 4 analyzed today revolve numbers starting with 7 - besides the obvious meaning of 7, the number of perfection, is a number linked to search for hidden inner reality behind the illusions.

Eva (No 78) - in my view, Eva Nimerè is the abstract idea of ​​women in the figure of the first woman in the Garden of Eden. I would say that in the search for this Eva abstraction allies the friendliest and juicy side of fruit and the most carnal tone of flowers. This is not an ultra-seductive scent, but a scent that gives me a certain innocence in its aroma. A citrus and fruity apple prevails in the first minutes, which evolves into a iris that reminds me more its sweet and powdery violet aspect. The Peony floral aroma harmonizes with it while jasmine and champaca suggest the most delicate and feminine side. The number chosen for Eva seems to show that behind the harmony there is a struggle between the more carnal side of flowers and the abstraction of fruits.

Les Jardins de Paradis  (No 70) - Le Jardins is certainly in its thematic connected to Eva, as is in its aroma Eden environment seen portrayed by the scent of vegetation. Aromatically, Les Jardins focuses more on the floral exuberance and decreases the influence of fruit present in Eve. Ylang, Rose and Jasmine are the core of the composition, with its flowers creating a charged atmosphere on nectar from flowers, which mingles with the smell of resin and aromatic woods that surround it. Les Jardins de Paradis, of all the meanings related to the number 70 two seem to me to fit this composition, the exaltation of perfection present in number  7 and the eccentricity proposed by the dominant white floral accord.

Pleasure (No 74/2) - from all the perfumes tested from Nimerè so far, pleasure was the biggest surprise. Without much information from its notes, I tested blindly, only with the information connected to your name, related to the idea of ​​pleasure. Certainly pleased represented here is the harmony and richness of  perfumes from the past, remembering the unique quality and luxurious creations of Lanvin. Pleasure makes me think of a reincarnation of spicy and oriental floral scent of Crescendo, with an aroma that looks like a bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, spices, amber and chypre base of moss and patchouli. At no point Pleasure looks strong or too soft, it is a scent always harmonious, warm and structured on skin. The struggle between the practical and the espitirual that the number 74 carries on Pleasure seems to find its balance point between the sensuality of flowers and the seriousness of the chypre structure.

Sweet Kiss a Trace (No 75) - numbered intermediate form in relation to perfumes mentioned above, Sweet Kiss Trace seems to me to contain both the most classic part of Pleasure and the fruity floral appeal observed in both Eva (the fruity side) as Les Jardins (the most floral theme). There is something innocent, romantic and carnal in its aroma for me. Initially, its smell brings me to the fruity and bittersweet aroma of passion fruit, as if the beloved's lips had a slight scent of a fruity lip gloss. However, when you think that its compositon will follow the easy way, the scent gains a more adult floral aroma, seasoned with a sweet aroma of spice and a nice creaminess of vanilla. Sweet Kiss becomes even hotter with a warm base of amber, slightly alcoholic, that makes me think of the delicious smell of Ambre Narguile from Hermes. Wisdom related to the number seems evident in the way its creative side runs, either by choice out of iris adr rose axis to the scent of gloss as to how its aroma develops in the skin becoming from innocent to carnal and sensual.