20 de out. de 2015

Etat Libre D'Orange Dangerous Complicity And Papillon Annubis - Short Reviews

Admittedly, it is not possible to say that the quality from the point of view of the aroma of the Etat Libre perfume dropped in recent years but is plain to see that the expansion process to a wider audience made the brand has more conservative in the interpretation of controversial creations with regard to smells. From the visual code and inspiration you would expect from Dangerous Complicity a decadent, carna and erotic scent, the loss of innocence that the subject is the complicity after the fall of man and woman in the Garden of Eden. However, the arom goes more to innocent than erotic, carnal and decadent, with a nice and easy to use combination of osmanthus, jasmine and rum. The Osmanthus here is more fruity and not clearly presents the leather nuances, with a note softened in its interpretation. The Jasmine is light, delicate, slightly powdery and is accompanied by a drink accord with lactonic coconut touches and a spicy fresh ginger. In the end, a very conservative base, a scent of musk, woods and wet and gray smell of cashmeran. It is difficult to make the link between the subject and the aroma and it is certainly the biggest problem here, since we have a good perfume in the wrong place.

What Dangerous Cumplicity not get Anubis Perfumery Handmade Papillon delivery from start to finish, which certainly makes it an aroma able to generate the type of love or hate reactions. There is something decadent, black and I would venture to say gothic into the aura of this creation whose name appeared unconsciously, the fascination of the perfumer with the mysteries of Egypt. Attracted to leather darks perfumes, in Anubis Paipillon delivers a journey from darkness to light. Its aroma begins well decadent, with a smoky leather, almost metallic, surrounded by carnal flowers, indolic ones, where Jasmine predominates and creates a secondary illusion of tuberose. As the scent evolves, its skin softens and makes room for a contemplative and serene aroma of high quality incense with a secondary dry woody aroma. Anubis is for hardcore fans perfumery, able to appreciate the beauty in the most mysterious and black aromas.

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