3 de out. de 2015

House of Matriach - Daft Love, Behind the Curtain e Oh My Stars - English Review

House of Matriarch has certainly come to my current list  as another independent perfume house worthwhile to be aware of what is released. I've been following this industry with curiosity and anxiety as perfumers and owners of independent brands that focus on a more specific audience has channeled creativity in a way that neither the commercial nor the niche perfumery has achieved. The result is rich aromas, complex that take you for some interesting theme.

Liquid Music Project is a partnership of Carlos Powell and Christi Meshell perfumer to celebrate the anniversary of the Facebook group Peace, Love and Perfume. At first I was afraid about the outcome, thinking it would be very commercial in the sense of being uninteresting. But my first impression with the perfume of Christi Meshell is very positive and the result celebrates the group with high quality.

Each of the 3 trio of scents is a different song and one of the group's pillars. Although the perfumes have been made to be layered and allow a combined use, each is complex enough to work alone, slowly evolving during the day and showing its facets. The impression is that fragrances opt for a greater use of natural essences but using synthetic bolster to ensure a good performance in the skin.

Oh My Stars - although all three are very good, this is what I least liked to smell during the day on the skin. The representation of Peace aspect combined with a Beatles song called My Stars leads to what I call a psychedelic stoms, born in smoky notes, a hint og hair aroma and a very evident grape and orange smell. The grape aroma persists well over the opening, going to the heart of the perfume, winning a earthy and sweet iris air and a sensual floral scent. The base reveals a scent of amber, incense and a spicy aroma of tabacco and seems to be divided into two phases, a dense one in the style of Andy Tauer perfumes and a second-stage airy and musky.

Behind The Curtain - certainly the name and inspiration marry perfectly with the perfume. Described as a strange and magical potion ink, Behind the Curtain seems to carry its leather aroma and flowers by a smell of incense and most mysterious resin. There is an excellent classic leather here, which brings me to the new jacket aroma. Interestingly, this denser phase comes before a second phase, more delicate, and works just like a curtain that shows a second scent on the skin, as good as the first, a more sweet, musky aroma with exotic nuances of oud and patchouli and sensual floral touch the measure. It is the member who represents the pillar Perfume of the group.

Daft Love - of the three this is my favorite, both thematically and in the aroma itself. I've always been in love with electronic duo Daft Punk and an inspired fragrance in one of the best albums of the pair was certainly something I'd like to test. Representing the Love Pillar from group and inspired by the Digital Love music, Daft Love has the same pop glamorous aura of the band in this cd. It is another complex in its aromatic symphony and highlighting the need to test every 3 in the skin and pay attention on the evlution. Daft Love begins with an aroma that brings me to the smell of ginger, amber, boozy drinks and spices, something like a spicier and light version of the scent of Ambre Narguile. Different from this one, the perfume exudes and maintains its complexity, earning a honey aroma, silky roses, hay and cedar. In the base, there is another transformation. becoming a sweet and creamy vanilla aroma with a dry woody sandalwood and a spicy tobacco aroma, with a dose of white musk to round off the base, giving softness but without putting in a functional territory. It is a beautiful chic composition that seems easy to like without being empty in texture and richness.