1 de out. de 2015

Puredistance White and Xerjoff Casamoratti Gran Ballo - Quick Reviews

Puredistance White is one of those deceptively simple perfumes. Right away, I've had a bad impression by the white concept and the intense aroma of musks, thinking I would face a functional aroma with an extract concentration. I have seen during the day that I was mistaken and the explosion of macrocyclic musks generates an interesting phenomenon related to me with light. It's like in White  you were look directly to the musks and they temporarily blind you with their white light. As you get used to it, you notice the interesting nuances hidden in a creation that brings to me to a very modern samsara interpretation. I realize a thematic of indian sandalwood taking place in parallel to the cocktail of soft musks, rounded by a delicious touch of almonds provided by tonka bean. Between these two ends there is a very well velvety floral aroma, a mixture of satin roses and creamy jasmine nuances. You can still smell, after hours of evolution, a drier woody aroma that brings to me a mixture of cedar and vetiver. White has an excellent longevity, remaining intense in the skin throughout their evolution and seeming to stick to the clothes. It is a perfume that performs well from a technical and conceptual point of view.

The Casamoratti line is intriguing to me by the combination of its visual and olfactory elements. That while the bottles, packaging and the story line has a history with one foot in classic Italian perfumery, many perfumes that make it up are gourmands compositions that have nothing classic. In the case of Gran Ballo, it helps me yet the inconsistency between the pink bottle and the gourmand scent of vanilla and tobacco, something I have  witnessed a lot in commercial male creations. Although there are flowers in the formula, it seems to function more as an accessory aspect of the creamy vanilla and tobacco. The tobacco here seems an abstraction of some combination of amber  materials, woody and smoky ones and the general aura is for me the trail of a pipe tobacco with smoke flavored with vanilla, caramel and some fruit. While it is interesting, it is one of the more mainstream creations within the line.

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