21 de nov. de 2015

Les Liquides Imaginaires - Fortis and Saltus - Quick Reviews

As much as Fortis is not really new to me as most of Les liquides Imaginaires creations, a variation on the theme in which its works pleases me a lot. From the trilogy, it is what really has the impact promised in the subject and has a consistent aroma with its black liquid. Its strong and impactful scent explores the combination of oud and various woods and rather reminds you of fragrances like Black Afgano, Robert Piguet Oud and Carnes Barcelona Cuirs. Still, it is as if we saw the idea from the perspective of sandalwood and incense and instead of oud. Cedar appears to enhance the drier woody sandalwood aroma while it sems responsible for the incense aura of the composition. There is something woody, green and sweet that seems to permeate the composition in an abstract way. Befitting its name, Fortis remains intense in the skin all day.

Despite being part of the collection that makes a sacred tribute to trees and animal life, Saltus could certainly be part of the first collection, which explores incense and dualities. Under the theme of ritual plant life it is that the brand reaches for the first time the contrast between the spiritual and the carnal and the result is quite interesting. Saltus basically revolves around the sap aroma and camphor leaves, the scent of incense and dry woods and a subtly fecal animalic aura, a result of what seems to me the use of castoreum and musk or civet in the composition. At principle the contrast seems scary, its aroma becomes comfortable and more woody and subtle as it evolves on the skin. The combination of the three points raised if it is not a new issue is little explored, the most interesting of the brand to date.