25 de nov. de 2015

Ormonde Jayne Vanille d'Iris and Parfums Volnay Perlerette - Quick Reviews

The recent Ormonde Jayne launch also explores in the same way of Van Cleef the current trend of powdery perfumes. Vanille d'Iris, however, goes in the direction of note who helped make this type of olfactory aura a trend again, operating in the center of the iris composition by combining it with a chic sweet aroma. The iris accord explored here  hits a middle ground between the scent of iris root and sweet and lightly floral scent of violet of molecules that related to both iris and violet. This part is mainly responsible for the retro powdery fragrance touch, which is extended by soft and slightly sweetened musks. The perfumer Geza counterbalances that feeling using ambroxan for a velvety mineral aura, but on less evidence than in the Van Cleef Ambre Imperial, also combining a woody scent of vetiver to the base. Vanilla is used both in a abstract and direct way, giving sweetened contours between the iris and violet and showing more sweet and sugary aspects at the very end of evolution. Its delicate floral air and indeed is likely to please the female audience.

In a similar olfactory sensation, Volnay parfums dives into third member of its historic catalog of creations and offers a sweet, pearly and powdery aroma in Perlerette. Here, I realize that the nuances that refer to sugary violets are even more evident and the iris root aspect turns out to be more discreet. The aldehydes are used to enhance the sparkling and pearly touch of the powdery idea and enhance the retro feel of the aroma. The Vanilla also shows more clearly, without competing with woody nuances or amber colored flavors and is supported by a more delicate musk base. Perlerette end up confusing a bit in style with Yapana, but this is different not by an emphasis on the spicy flavor of the source 4092, the base brand identity.

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