14 de nov. de 2015

Pell Wall Perfumes Lasting Lavender, Equisetum, Viva Verde - Short Reviews

It's interesting how in Lasting Lavender Chris used a multidimensional approach in order to create a lavender that is and sounds natural while it lasted into the skin, thereby uniting freshness and duration. I see that different types of synthetic and natural lavender were used to obtain a result which has the freshness of lavender, the duration and the product has no smell of cleaning that usually some lavender has. As in other of his creations, the secret lies in the nuances: the main aroma is anchored by small green nuances, fresh, slightly smoky and even sweet and spicy. The relaxing lavender sensation is combined with a very pleasant second skin sophistication to be felt. Although classified as female one, it is quietly unisex.

Equisetum is based on a kind of relative bush to the sambaia specie and little known to the public in common. This association is made to create a classic fougere favoring the driest and herbal part of the idea. For this, the nuances of wood, tobacco and spices to complement the warm and earthy aroma of oak moss. It can see a more citrus output to the classic style, favoring the semisweet and refreshing aspect of citric aroma. Equisetum makes me think of a more natural version of fougeres of the 80s, a style that I personally do not enjoy very much, but I can see that it was very well executed here and has everything to please the male audience.

Viva Verde it's like  Chris's motto, since many of his compositions highlights the aroma of citrus fruits and herbs that promote green nuances of aromas, showing the versatility that they may have in different compositions. The aroma of Viva Green is also inspired by a cocktail, as well as Gin & Lemon, and follows a similar form of evolution: citrus, subtly sweet, moderately floral touches and an alcoholic mouth-watering aroma. The cucumber nuance is used to create a differential to the perfume without taking it to an acquatic way, and fits nicely in the cocktail of citrus fruits that lies between the green flavor (lemon, lime) and orange one. The violet leaf helps reinforce the fruity, aquatic and green nuances of perfume and does not have the plastic side that some violet leaf chords usually present. The aroma is perfect for hot days and works great as a unisex creation.