7 de dez. de 2015

En Voyage Perfumes Go Ask Alice and Tagetes Femme - Reviews

Go Ask Alice is an exercise of tribute and time travel to an specific era: the late 60s, the hippie movement and its association with patchouli, mainly because of the connotation of freedom and connection with the earth / nature that the material brought. The name refers to the piece of music that was emblematic for the hippie movement, White Rabbit. Curiously, even though the reference was that, I can not help but get the impression that I am also simultaneously transported to another era, the 80s, since there something in the composition of Go Ask Alice at the same time it seems liberating and connected with nature is also giant and expansive as eighties perfume - which is curious, considering that this is a natural composition. The patchouli, as expected, is the star, showing all his versatility - bitter chocolate, fresh earth smell of burnt nuances of herbs. About it I realize one chypre scent with a bitter pink, fresh citrus notes but dry aroma and a more acidic pink, typically eighties. It is certainly a phenomenal journey through the aroma and its subtleties and unintentional associations.

While the recently discontinued Tagetes Homme seemed to me a realistic reproduction of the aroma of Marigold flower, Tagetes Femme plunges more in an abstract and symbolic picture of its use. Such flowers are used in Indian weddings and Tagetes aura is of romance, joy and lightness that makes me just thinking about it. The most spicy aroma, green and powdery flower impression is mixed with citrus and fruity nuances and a beautiful floral aroma of orange flower, which gives its scent of white flowers with the sweet smell of their nectar. At the basenotes, the lightness of the woods, musks and fruity tones makes Tagetes Femme comfortablein its final stage as a second skin perfume, as if it was not intended to steal the attention of the star in the ceremony. While the mental image passed to me is bridal, I see that its floral richness is both affordable and moderate at the same time which makes it great to be used everyday. It is a beautiful abstract perfume.

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