13 de dez. de 2015

Miss Dior (Cherie) 2012 - Fragrance Review

Would it be a brilliant or disastrous marketing move what Dior made in 2012 to transform the daughter, Miss Dior Cherie, into her mother Miss Dior? It's something I've always wondered, since it sounds like a hereditary succession with the mother still alive. It is true that for a new generation it has no more appeal and ability to be as popular as his daughter, but it's a strange move identity nonetheless. I suspect that this may be an attempt by Louis Vouitton to disassociate the original perfume from the fragrance house that originally produced it without having to make many changes in the aroma. Briefly, Dior does not own the original formulas, they received the product ready to bottle and sell. By passing to internally produce their perfumes, they had to reformulate the formulas and I believe that in this case in particular the names too, thus avoiding being processed.

Taking aside the aspects of marketing and identity and just looking the scent itself, I would say the Miss Dior Cherie is like the Madonna of perfumery. In her youth she more delicate and feminine, rounder and over time has become somewhat muscular and with her more masculine side in contrast to the feminine delicacy. No longer she fits in a perfect pattern of grace that seems to dictate what should be a modern chypre, but it is still interesting and powerful.

I see a kind of junction of parts of the two main previous versions of Miss Dior Cherie, the 2005 and 2008. Of the original, is brought back the musky and woody elements of the base, so that the current Miss Dior has vetiver nuances and a more clean and functional musk mixed with the sweet and camphor scent of patchouli. From 2008 it keeps the similarity with Coco Mademoiselle in the way it develops, but the slightly sweet citrus elements and patchouli appear to stand out more than the scent of roses. Interestingly, this seems a small matter of nuances. As I commented in the 2008 version, i see that strategic changes in small parts  change the perfume's face.

Overall, despite the 2012 still have appeal to the female audience it works perfectly well in a  androgynous context or even working as a different masculine scent. Men today have more openness for aromas with rose and patchouli and for those who like this in niche perfumes I recommend testing this version of Miss Dior. And I see that Dior is losing a chance to capitalize on the eastern fashion oud, since this version of the scent perfectly fits a  saffron and oud accord in the middle of roses, citrus and patchouli.

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