10 de dez. de 2015

Miss Dior Cherie EDP 2005 - Fragrance Review

Miss Dior Chérie is one of the creations that exposes one of the concerns that until recently were not in the most ordinary conversations of users and passionate person about perfumes, the question of reformulation and the search sometimes almost fanatical religious for the original version. There are several factors by which a commercial perfume is modified over the years and as much as the economic issue can not be left out it is not the only one. That in itself would give a post, but flees the purpose of understanding a perfume so loved by some people. In the coming days I will do a process of gradual understanding of the evolution of Miss Dior Chérie during its 10 years of existence. During this time even its name was changed, becoming simply be Miss Dior (which caused confusion, since the brand already had a classic of that name, which was renamed Miss Dior Originale).

It is easy to understand the popularity of so-called modern chypre perfumes, formerly known as floral woody musk. The way they work one clean patchouli, soft flowers and musks wrapped in sugary fruit notes create a form which is easy to be digested, something between child and adult in my opinion. And despite all members of this family sharing a certain degree of similarity, it is interesting to note that the intensity and use of the different elements of each of these three facets of a modern chypre causes them to have a more complex identity than their simple faces can pass.

In the case of Miss Dior Cherie on its 2005 release, you see the interesting balance between freshness and sweetness, between male and female aura. It is a scent that seems to have been carved with great care by Christine Nagel, so that musks not predominate so intensely, patchouli does not sound as sweet or camphor and flowers seem different than usual abstract aroma of roses and jasmine in a modern chypre. Miss Dior Cherie in version 2005 is one of the most chic and modern chypre less obvious in its nuances.

While many cite the aroma of caramel and popcorn as elements that distinguish and reach to sigh the 2005 version precisely because those elements, I do not believe they are the key to the identity of creation. Compare Miss Dior Cherie 2005 with Angel for example to see how it changes the smell of caramel, sugar and buttery nuance that could be attributed to popcorn. For me, these olfactory notes translate more into a kind of candied fruit but not with too much sugar. There is something in output that makes me think of grapefruit smell with strawberry nuances and with the touch of sugar secondarily. It's sweet, but a more sophisticated and adult sweet.

As evolves, Miss Dior Cherie is gaining a different floral tone of most modern chypre, since its aroma is less full-bodied flower in respect. The feeling I have is that of a floral aura that moves between the smell of jasmine and magnolia, but more delicate, green and bright jasmine that Hedione molecule confers. Not a indolic jasmine or fruity or exaggerated in their white floral nuances, but an almost aquatic green jasmine and citrus aspects which reinforces the exit at the same time they are wrapped in thin layer of sugar that permeates the composition.

And the base is the moment Cherie show me its most unissex side, in a scent that keep making the transition from a gentler side to something more serious and sober. Here i smell a patchouli  used sparingly and in its place we get musks that are clean and which are combined with subtle wood tones, passing secondary nuances of vetiver.

When I think of Cherie version 2005, I'd say it's a beautiful elegant chypre that has nothing very marked as several other modern chypre have. It seems perhaps more adult, more serious, less romantic past the opening notes of fruit. And it is certainly an excellent perfume for shared use - so if you find a bottle of the original version for a good price.