31 de dez. de 2015

My 50 Favorites 2015

I've  always been resistant to making lists due to my difficulty of being a synthetic person. For me, details are important and I hate to limit myself to a few options. But I decided to try to do a list my way. I haven't necessarily picked the best perfumes that have gone through the blog in 2015, but all those who when i look for the name of all the options I remembered with nostalgia of having evaluate. Avoinding making this post too long and exhausting, I will describe each scent with a sentence only. The choices are in alphabetical order.

This year for me was important, since I came back to write in the blog and the reception was very good. I thank all of you who during this year read and commented here. Although I always first write to me I know how important my readers are. Good content with no one to read on the other side is a dead content.

And I wish all of us a very fragrant 2016. That among the many mediocre releases to come we can find good aromas and perfumes well made and satisfying to us.

1 - 4160 - The Dark Heart of Old Havana

A tobacco fragrance by the prospect of a delicious scent of jasmine.

2 - Amberfig - Café Massoia

An alcoholic and full-bodied gourmand interpretation of a coffee flavored with almonds.

3 - Amberfig - Oriental Noir

An ode to the classic amber colored oriental aromas not  afraid to use spices.

4 - Andy Tauer - Phi Une Rose de Kandahar

Certainly one of the most beautiful scents of roses I've ever smelled.

5 - Ane Walsh - Fleur de Canelle

Ane channeling the classic style Guerlain in a powdery, floral and sweet aroma. Divine.

6 - Ane Walsh - Snowiz

A perfume that plays with the light and the carnal side of white flowers and citrus.

7 - Angela Ciampagna Liquo

The masterpiece of an anise liqueur from a niche house full of poor creations.

8 - Atelier des Ors Aube Rubis

An example of how to make a modern chypre rich and excellent in performance.

9 - Boticario Zaad  Vision

An accessible version of the classic M7 to not miss this brilliant discontinued perfume.

10 - Bruno Fazollari - Au Dela

One of the most elegant orange blossom creations ever made.

11 - Cartier - L'Heure Perdue

A study on how to create a luxurious and warm aroma from a compact formula and known notes

12 - Chanel Misia

A nostalgic scent that plays with utmost elegance the brand's signature scent, with powdery iris and violet nuances.

13 - Charme Essência - Encanto d'Charme

A beautiful national niche creation with a warm oriental, complex and long lasting aroma.

14 - Clinique - Aromatics in White

A study of how to make a aroma, pearly and in perfect harmony with the bottle

15 - Dior Cuir Cannage

A unique creation that brings back the elegance of classic and polished aroma of leather scents of the past.

16 - En Voyage Frida

An ode to the complexity, beauty and exoticism of tuberose flowers and Frida Kahlo.

17 - En Voyage Café Cocoa

A gourmand, warm, full-bodied coffee fragrance,  perfect for the winter.

18 - EnVoyage Fiore di Bellagio

It shows what the Bellodgia of Caron should be and is not anymore. One of the best carnation scents.

19 - Eudora Prelude S

National original creation,a very good honey and neroli gourmand of great duration on skin.

20 - Eudora S.Excès Femme

A well succesful attempt to discreetly incorporate the oud scent in a modern chypre with iris nuances.

21 - Frederic Malle - Le Parfum de Therese

A timeless creation in the classic Diorella mold.

22 - Guerlain - Habit Rouge Dress Code

The only accessible perfume from Guerlain that reminded me why I love the brand.

23 - Hiram Green - Moon Bloom

For those who love tuberose, this is essential.

24 - House of Matriarch - Daft Love

A delicious aroma, woody and coconut nuances that embodies with style one of my favorite songs.

25 - Jessica Simpson - Fancy Nights

A classic and well orchestrated oriental that leaves much more expensive perfumes to shame.

26 - Mahogany Black Rose

A retro rose, slightly incensed, which brings back the classic '80s style.

27 - Mahogany India Misteriosa

Proof that the inspiration for a perfume known as Eden can bring interesting nuances to the original aroma.

28 - Masque Milano Russian Tea

A fantastic picture of the Tea Route, an interesting green and smoky aroma.

29 - Mendittorosa - Le Mat

A rich and lovely aroma of rose, patchouli and geranium, one of my favorites of the year.

30 - Mendittorosa - Sogno Reale

An interesting use of a salty and mineral accord on a unique and well-crafted creation.

31 - Narciso Rodriguez Narciso

The designer being able to expand his fondness for modern chypre perfume and musk into a more woody direction.

32 - Natura Essencial Estilo Masculino

One of the great successes of Natura  this year, a mineral woody scent that seems imported.

33 - Natura Esta Flor Rosa

A beautiful transparent, delicate and slightly fruity  interpreation of the queen of flowers

34 - Natura Homem Madeiras

The second woody and mineral aroma of the brand that goes in the direction of vetiver. As good as Essencial Estilo.

35 - Natura Intuição

The most elegant white Floral that the brand has ever made. It Should be produced again.

36 - Natura Una Intenso

The limited edition that made the traditional Una more gourmand and sweet without losing the powdery and musky nuance. It should be a permanent part of the line.

37 - Nimeré Parfums - Mandala of Desires

A great juxtaposition of woody and musky aromas with a delicious  iris and chocolate accord. Another of my favorites this year

38 - Olivier Durbano - Heliotrope

A creation with the almond scent of heliotrope that made me review what I thought of the brand.

39 - Papillon - Annubis

A simply divine dark leather perfume.

40 - Papillon - Salomé

A classic chypre jasmine that lives up to all the promised sensuality.

41 - Pekji - Holy Shit

One of the biggest surprises of the year, a scent of  incense and animalic nuances that I never imagined I would love.

42 - Pell Wall - Persian Prince

An elegant and comfortable aroma using the hyacinth flower and a fragrance that delivers the chic soap smell I always desired to find.

43 - Pk Perfumes ERE

A classic Fougere made with the highest quality that this family demands.

44 - Sebastiane - Espresso Royale

The best coffee scent I have tested to date. Absurd longevity and projection.

45 - Sisley - Soir d'Orient

An elegant vision of oud aroma and rosa in combination with classic chypre elements.

46 - Tabacora - Salim

The best ocident take  on an oriental attar of roses and oud that I had the chance to try.

47 - Ungaro Woman - Vintage

The best proof that the current Ungaro perfumes are all crap.

48 - Volnay - Etoile d'Or

A textbook example of  bringing back a brand and a classic scent with all the necessary elegance.

49 - Zoologist Perfumes Panda

A delicious green, citrus and aquátic composition. How to make a perfume inspired by an animal without being A=animalic.

50 - Zoologist Perfumes Hummingbird

A wonderful composition of fruits and flowers alluding to the nectar collected by the hummingbird. Another Zoologist masterpiece.

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