26 de jan. de 2016

La Via Del Profumo Venezia, Don Corleone, Lake Flower, Aqua Santa e Amber Rose - Fragrance Reviews

Certainly the immersion process in the universe of La Via del Profumo is a much richer experience of what can be captured in just one week  of evaluation of some of its many perfumes. Unlike a predominantly synthetic perfume, a 100% natural tends to show different ways to our nose depending on the day we use. Minor aspects not realized before appears and give a different meaning important to the experience. What I end up doing here is just capturing an specific photo of how the smells behave. I encourage my readers to know the perfume by themselves and realize the beauty we find in a perfume created with total focus on aroma and quality.

Venezia Giardini Secreti: part of the series of perfume that Dominique did inspired by his country of residence, Venezia captures the romance and intensity of the secret gardens of Venice. They are represented by a bouquet that combines the scent of jasmine, rose and narcissus, creating a dense floral aura, narcotic, which seems to emanate from a hot day in the spring. The type of jasmine created ends up giving the composition a similar aroma to the lily of the valley as the scent evolves, a bright and pleasant white smell. The ambergris is used to hold the scent of flowers and give them a slightly indole and animalic side.

Palermo Don Corleone: if in Venice we have a picture more romantic, carnal and voluptuous we have in Don Corleone a masculine aura embracing a contradictory aspect to portray the Italian city of Palermo. A key element here is the tobacco absolute, the same used in Tabac and that gives the two a similar opening, something salty, smoky, a first moment a little bit hard to handle. Here we see at the background sometimes the scent of tuberose giving a light white floral nuance. As Don Corleone evolves it becomes less harsh and cozier, with a vanilla scent which gives it an almost maternal aura. Vetiver however gives a woody dry aspect that brings the scent again in a more masculine direction.

Lake Flower: some of Dubrana perfumes are developed with a direct concern about the impact that essential oils have in the psychological and emotional state of its members. Created especially for a wellness center, Lake Flower is a composition that seeks to pass a serene feeling, quiet and positive energy, an aroma to be used as an antidepressant. It is interesting that the use of imortelle do not dominate the composition - this is one of the essential oils with the scent of fruit, burnt sugar and dry straw tends to easily take care of everything. In Lake flower it gives a woody and dry basenote around which develops a delicate, soft velvet rose complemented by touches of a ylang-ylang scent.

Holy Water: although there is no relationship between the aromas I can see a thematic link and emotional feelings between Lake Flower and Holy Water. Combining the scents of frankincense, orange, rose and sandalwood, Holy Water passes a serene, spiritual and reflective sense, conveying the purity and tranquility that the holy water of its name seems to suggest us. Incense is used here through a transparent, mineral and slightly citrus aroma, which nicely complements the bright and faint smell of neroli. Sandalwood complements the sacred and reflective side with its woody scent of creamy nuances and pink completes the aroma giving a silky and quiet floral tone.

Amber Rose: It is an excellent example of the possibility of exploiring already known essences and still add something interesting to the final result. The combination of labdanum, vanilla and benzoin is a classic fragrance that forms the sweet, hot and smoky style of scents with an amber accord. In this dynamic Dominique adds animalic and leather nuances of castoreum and a rose with a fruity and liqueur evident aroma, probably a damask rose. The end result makes Amber Rose oscillate between floral, animalic and sweet smoky in a very sensual and enjoyable way to be observed during evolution.

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