3 de fev. de 2016

House of Matriarch Sex Magic, Trillum, Coco Blanc and Orca- Fragrance Reviews

Perhaps what surprises me most in the scents of the House of Matriarch is that while the concepts are complex at first the scents on skin always evolve naturally and in harmony, revealing to me as much intelligence as sensuality. There is a certain mystery in all the perfumes tested so far, as if an incense smoke appeared in more or less in each creation. It is interesting how this can be worked with very different themes, such as the 4 fragrances evaluated today.

Sex Magic: Christi part from a different viewpoint for the composition of a sensual/ sexual scent, using the association of some precious wood to tantra. Here we have a combination of different types of cedar, oud wood and sandalwood and a controlled animalic aroma, something which refers to castoreum and ambergris. The smell brings me the scent of incense, wood chips, the sweet resin of oud and a creamy and woody scent of sandalwood, all wrapped in secondary animalic nuances. There is a well centered, calm and engaging energy here, which invites an experience with no hurry to end.

Trillium: Trillium makes me think of a sensory experience related to a moment of appreciation of tea while a gentle aroma of incense permeates the environment. I see here a floral tea, something that brings me to the fruity tones of the tuberose and jasmine and something of a floral citrus and juicy aroma. Secondary herb tones may be observed  giving a more aromatic and green smell at the same time there is a resin base with a slight hue intriguing, which creates a bread-like aroma illusion.

Coco Blanc: in cocoblanc, incense is treated from a gourmand point of view, a very intelligent and adult association of the idea. Christi explores the most lactonic and fruity aspect in barks of Massoia tree to compose her coconut accord, supporting it to with what seems to me a combination of vanilla, benzoin and tolu balm. This gives Coco Blanc a sweet smell of incense, almond, resin, with the smell of coconut dominating the olfactory space. The transition is made to a sandal that shows to be soft on drier woody aspect, with lactonic facet of sandalwood in greater evidence along with its incense nuance.

Orca: from the four analyzed today, maybe Orca is for me the most basic of all. Still, it is a basic well-orchestrated and rich in its texture, which operates a very traditional side of the perfume of incense nuances, the smell of amber accord, a mix of labdanum, vanilla and benzoin. The Animalic aspect of ambergris just do not stand out, just a softer tone of a musk texture is revealed in the background of the composition. The aroma of resins, dry woods and spices dominates the composition as a drier and spicy smell of incense with just a pinch of something sweet.