14 de fev. de 2016

Santi Burgas LÔVANN, LÔTREE, LÔMUSK e LÔENCE - Reviews

Santiago Vargas managed to come out successful in the challenge posed by himself to create the LÔANT Collection. In fact the creations has a complementary character and  cut at different points of the pyramid the aromas you would smell in a perfume passing through the opening, heart and background. However, to divide them one realizes that Santiago was careful to go beyond mere simple accords to deliver complete creations.

The last step that was missing to be evaluated in the ANT Collection were the scents that make up the basis of the communication system, the FOND Notes. I do not see a difference in deepness of their messages, however this is due to less volatile characteristics of the materials which form part of this collection section. Still I realize that as well as the top elements of the perfumes that are part of this section the fond notes are complementary to each other and, moreover, it is possible for me to see a certain natural affinity between the members of the top and bottom (with LÔANT functioning as a wildcard which combines well with everyone).

Let's go to the perfumes analysis:

LÔVANN:  this is one of my favorites from all the ones in the collection, and as the name implies this is a perfume that celebrates the delicious and beloved vanilla aroma. It is a good choice since  a scent that emphasizes it would work well as the center of a composition. There is a delicious gourmand air that brings me to a vanilla version of Hermès Ambre Narguille: apple and honey give a liqueur, sweet aroma and reminds the aroma of pie, while the trio of different vanilla and coconut scent fill that impression with a creamy, sweet smell, lactonic and sugary. The LÔVANN message is certainly the comfort and pleasure. and this seems to have greater affinity in combination with the white floral scent of LÔJAZZ.

LÔTREE:  we are in front of the base layer member of the communication system that is the safety and robustness of the message conveyed by the scent of the woods. In LÔTREE I perceive an aura that is both classic and modern at the same time because it combines oak moss tones with a dry woody and lactonic sandalwood aroma and a ambery aura, ibe  slightly sweet, animalic and with an oud accord. The bamboo used in the composition ends up giving a light green and fresh touch to it. The Arab secondary character and woody tone in LÔTREE composition seems perfect to be mixed with LÔROSE.

LÔMUSK: my only disappointment in LÔANT collection is the message of LÔMUSK. I suspect that I am anosmic or I detect very faintly the scent of musks used here, so that the message conveyed to me is lost, it arrives as an olfactory noise. What can be perceived I don't like, it has an aroma that brings me to  musky smell used in deodorant with a secondary moth note. However, knowing the character of musks, it is quite possible for others the smell is totally different. I see that as a basis it will work perfectly with LÔANT to give fixing and holding the volatile elements of LÔBITT. I see that it can also be combined with the other members of this olfactory layer, but alone is the only one I can not see much value.

LÔENCE: as a message made with an expiration date, LÔENCE is a special and commemorative integrant in the collection, with limited circulation of 1000 copies. For me it is one of the densest members in the collection, reaching almost to be an Arab composition by the prevalence of various types of incense, patchouli and what seems to me the use of some synthetic oud base or some kind of extraction which favors woody nuances and musk. At first, there is an aroma that brings a pearly paint smell, but that will fade away and make room for a dry woody aroma with fresh juniper touches. The incensed part never becomes smoked and blends well the smell of agarwood and the alcoholic and bitter chocolate nuances of patchouli. LÔENCE seems perfect to make LÔTREE even more complex or to be combined with the scent of roses and patchouli in LÔROSE.

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