23 de out. de 2016

Bvlgari Le Gemme Ashlemah And Noorah - English Reviews

Bvlgari Le Gemme Ashlemah
In a way, you can see that all the members of Le Gemme collection are variations on a basis that involves aspects of powdery iris and soft musks. In Ashlemah it gains a purple outline to reflect the stone inspiration, Amethyst, which has a more spiritual and reflective symbolism attached to its beautiful purple color. The connection here between color and aroma is perfect and in fact Ashlemah produces a purple olfactory aura, one that explores the freshness and sweetness of lavender in contrast with a sweet and powdery violet and iris accord, something that almost border a shiny lipstick accord. Ashlemah becomes increasingly elegant and warm in the skin as the times goes, involving the user in what looks like a mixture of musks, iris and a calculated incense to emulate the spiritual aura of the inspiration. It is a perfume whose appreciation for it will gradually grow in the skin and that can not be properly evaluated only by its opening.

Bvlgari Le Gemme Noorah

I find it curious that the second best perfume in Le Gemme collection is for me just the least reflected in terms of aroma color of the gemstone that it represents, the Turquoise. There's nothing here that has an aroma that refers to the serene blue of this gemstone and apparently the link that attempts to be done is with its historical origin between the silk and spices route that connected the east with the west. Thus, Noorah is a bonding exercise of amber  exoticism of a classic oriental fragrance with the delicacy and softness of musk creations in Western perfumery. And marriage works very well in the hands of Andrier, arranging everything so that nothing is too much exotic or too monotonous. If in Maravilla the composition quickly becomes shy in the skin,in Noorah it holds the exotic aroma of the opening. The creation opens with a warm, spicy and sweet tobacco that has a deep support in the powdery scent of iris. You can see a warm, amber accord centered around the benjoin developing in parallel to tobacco. When it seems that the scent will go strongly in this direction the musks and iris end up highlighting more and balancing the composition as a whole. It is a creation that says luxury not in terms of novelty but in a matter of execution, harmony and olfactory textures on the skin. It is the trump card of the Le Gemme collection perfume when they work well - deliver what we already know but impeccably.