22 de out. de 2016

Bvlgari Le Gemme Maravilla And Amarena - English Reviews

Bvlgari Maravilla

Unlike previous gemstones-inspired offering reflecting very directly the relantionship between stone's color and the aroma in Maravilla this is achieved more by a texture than for notes or accords that communicate the yellow tonality. The honoured stone this time is the Citrine, which according the brand is a bright gemstone associated with the sun in the morning and with a positive mental feeling and good vibes. This becomes in terms of aroma in an attempt of a solar chypre, something that gives greater emphasis to floral and luminous parts of a chypre. In the skin, Maravilla sounds between the chypre of 31 Rue Cambon  without aldehydes and the scent of patchouli and leather in Bottega Veneta. The impressions are compact tough, with the two impersonations living together - you quickly realize the bright citrus, flowers, and the chypre with leather base nuances. Unlike a sunny morning, however, Maravilla quickly becomes a whisper, with the emphasis on the brightest part of the opening ​​jeopardizing its progress in the skin, which creates something disappointing for an exclusive scent in this price level.

Bvlgari Amarena

Every collection has a member that stands out as the weakest conceptually and Amarena fulfills that role. Even the concept seems well drain worked form the brand: it's mentioned that the pink tourmaline is a stone found in Brazil associated with love and pleasure. It says it brings the colors, sounds and exuberance of Brazil but does not explain how. The name and the stone are clearly associated by color, and the fragrance tries to tie it with an aroma of bitter cherries in combination with rose and tuberose. In practice, the cherries do not last beyond the opening and what comes next is generic on the skin. The perfume develops a strange floral accord, which refers to orchids and scotch tape. In a final moment, it heads for an old-fashioned generic floral, something that could be a drugstore scented talcum powder. There is an interesting aspect of musks and iris / violet, but it doesn't stand on the skin unless the body temperature rises fairly. It is a concept in my opinion poorly executed and drain for an expensive exclusive fragrance.