17 de nov. de 2016

Prada L'Homme - English Review

In my perception / experience, there is a fine line between alluding to an olfactory signature and becoming repetitive and uninteresting as you begin repeating the same set of notes in each new product you offer. With Prada, the attempt at L'Homme is the first and the result, unfortunately, is the second.

It is very clear in L'Homme's description that there is no intention to expand the masculine universe of the brand in a new directions, since the new perfume is described as a composition that dialogues with the classic notes of the brand, Amber and Iris, with the intention to create something reserved, intellectual and challenging. From these descriptors, what best applies to the composition is reserved and if there is any dialogue here it is one with previous perfumes of the brand, a mix between Luna Rossa, Infusion d'Homme and Amber Pour Homme.

L'Homme makes me think that maybe there is a category of creations that could be called Generic Chic - think of something that less prestigious brands would launch with a larger amount to invest in musks and other materials and you have an idea of what I say. It's a no-frills composition that features part of the Amber Pour Homme's powdery citrus, part of the Luna Rossa's lavender-like freshness and part of the Infusion Iris texture, just giving this idea more sweetness and creaminess.

There is nothing really challenging here and the sharing of ideas with the female version is very sparse. It is a perfume that does not impress, but that also can not be said that it looks poor or badly made. It just lacks a bit of daring and identity perhaps, something the brand could have done if it had given the feminine a more fougere aura and the masculine a floral frangipani accord, for example. Then we would have perfumes with more complex and multiple identities that talk to each other.