24 de jan. de 2017

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Musc Al Madina and Vanilla Chantilly - English Fragrance Review

When you think about the concept of sexiness and sensuality in the fragrance context you start to see that it can reveal in different ways or shapes. While i picked two new Dawn Spencer Hurwitz creations to wear and understand this thought came into my mind while i was experiencing them. Both seem to me compositions anchored in classic accords that conveys a sensuality feeling, but which kind of sensuality each one expressed?

In a certain way Vanilla Chantilly and Musc Al Madina are opposites in they they express it, more or less like the main characters of Beauty and The Beast. And as you might have expected, Musc Al Madina is The Beast one in its sensuality. There is indeed something raw and primitive about its aroma - which is the purpose here, since Dawn created it to convey a vision of the classic dark and animalic musk fragrance. And while it's certainly animalic, it's not exactly overwhelming dense or too much dirty. It's a feral musk indeed, and one backed by some serious dry woods, but the way the profile of musks is blend conveys something sexy but comfortable at the same time. It has a kind of linear aura, behaving almost like an attar on skin, so its presence its more or less the same during all the day. Like The Beast, it might be scary at first but once you got used to it it's a lovely company.

On the other hand, Vanilla Chantilly certainly makes me think on Belle and it's a more delicate, cheerful and warm side of sensuality. It's beautiful and kind, but certainly not a silly sensuality. Vanilla Chantilly is not exactly your plain and simple vanillin fragrance, but instead it hinds a more antique and balsam like aura over the delicate creamy vanilla texture. There is something a little bit powdery too and a delicious pairing of a coconut like and almond like opening which creates a constrast between something slightly bitter and sirupy and something lactonic and fruity. Vanilla Chantilly seems to develop a little bit more on skin but much like Musc Al Madina it's main theme statys throughout its duration on skin. It's certainly spot on in its not too sweet or too heavy approach, a nonconformist vanilla to the ocean of pure sugary vanillas.