10 de abr. de 2017

O'DRIÙ EVA KANT- Fragrance Review

From all Angelo Orazio Pregoni creations Eva Kant seems to me maybe the one that stands out as one of the most easiest to approach. Don't understand me wrong, this is certainly a fragrance that has Angelo written all over it: first, for the use of art in an unconventional way, this time drawing inspiration for a more popular form of art, the comics. Also, it is a fragrance that pays homage to Italy by using a character that has become part of italian popular culture. And, as Angelo Itself, Eva Kant is, with Diabolik, an anti-hero and her fragrance is certainly not a straightfoward interpretation of a woman.

Still, it is the first time i see Angelo creating a scent that even if it's sold as genderless has such a very direct portrait of feminility. And as the character itself demands, Eva Kant is a complex scent, one that has to be able to show different aspects since we are talking about a master of disguises. So her scent is made to change and evolve its characteristics while you are wearing it and it does deliver what it promises as Eva Kant passes through different olfactory facets you would find in a perfume.

The fragrance starts very hot and sexy, with a proeminent use of what seems like cinnamon and pepper to form a contrast between cold and hot spices. Then, you notice that this is anchored in a bright and lemon like citrus impression, the first moment that alludes to its Italian roots suggesting a secondary mediterrean aura. This is reinforced mainly with a good fresh, slightly soapy and floral green magnolia, which is contrasted by one of the flowers that Angelo uses a lot in his creations, the voluptous and versatile ylang. It is time for another change with Eva Kant showing it's more maternal side with a very creamy vanilla that makes me think of baked goods filled with vanilla cream. The sandalwood is used here to give a woody nuance and a final contemplative aura to Eva Kant.

In a time where mainstream feminine scents seems to focus its identity more on the advertising trying to appeal many woman with fragrances without a strong personality, Angelo offers an interesting ode to a woman that might have started it's life on comics as the partner of a brilliant criminal mind but a woman that with time gained its respect, freedom and space. Eva Kant migh be an anti-heroine, but she is true to herself and not boring or incongruous. It's an interesting take on pop comic art and on the duality of the timeless and always changing soul of the modern woman.