9 de abr. de 2017

Olibere Paris L'Etoile Noire - English Fragrance Review

So far the Olibere fragrant creations have all been able to de divided into two groups that showed the brighter and greener side of the brand as well as it most darker and oriental one two. With the sixth one, called L'Etoile Noire, Marjorie Olibere seems to balance the offering adding a third one into the darker group but at the same time she unifies both sides of the brand with a fragrance that by its definition is "at the same time bright, sensual, then suddenly Dark".

At first i questioned this definition because L'Etoile Noire has a very strong woody ambery aroma that fits very well its name. It something of those trendy accords that has been used in many fragrances and one that provides you with a more bitter honey interpretation of amber at the same time it offers a dry, woody and tobacco-like impression. I'm not so fan of those type of notes, but once your nose got used to them you are able to see a very balanced fragrance.

In a second wearing i could finally smell and distinguish the contrast of bright and dark which L'Etoile proposes. The opening has a tart citrus aura that makes me think of lemon's juice and the bergamot being peeled. It also has a peppery and slightly fruity impression that gives a cool spice aroma and fits very well the brighter opening. Once it starts to develop a sheer floral aroma offers you the sensual description and it falls into a contrasting base where the aforementioned amber materials are used against more classic ones, which give you a resinous, slightly sweet and incense impression. It finishes the fragrance with a cozy nuance and gives you the impression that L'Etoile Noire is a dark start indeed but one that shines as much as it takes you into the dark side.