28 de mai. de 2017

Sultan Pasha Ensar Rose (English)

This is described as a lovers embrace and the image fits the way that the scent behaves on my skin. It's quite noticeable but not overwhelming, it really seems to have a kind of dreamy quality on it (warning: i'm wearing it on a cold day, it might be very different on a warm one). It seems like a triangle of love between rose, agarwood and vetiver. The rose makes me think the silky, delicate and pearly aura of rosa centifollia, unusual for an arab attar, which usually seems to portray the more boozy and dark side of rose, rosa damascena. The oud gives a smoky aura with just a hint of animalic sensuality while the vetiver provides a smoth grassy wood background. Simple but you don't feel like you need anything more than what you feel here.