28 de mai. de 2017

Sultan Pasha Resine Precieux (English)

 Im usually not a huge fan of resinous fragrances, altough i appreciate their cozy and semisweet aura i find them a little bit anonimous when made in the natural way. I wasnt expecting this one to be one of my favorites and in fact its not, but it has its surprises and it seems to be more adventurous.

One thing Sultan is not lying, dealing with those extractions from resins is pretty hard: they are very sticky and hard to pour. I was surprised that this attar wasnt so thick, and in fact this aspect also translate into the scent itself and its one of the reasons why i liked it.

Resine Precieux put emphasis on a facet of incense and resins that usually get lost into a composition, the mineral and fresh side. It opens with what seems a smoky and leafy minty aroma, as if you had crushed mint leaves and liberated their aroma into the incense. Then it slowly progress into a more traditional amber aura, something vanillic, slightly nutty, smoky and woody. Curiously, at some moments it makes me think of one of those western oud accords that seems to rely heavily on smoky animalic amber facets. Its a very solid composition with a surprising fresh opening and a not so heavy and opaque transition.