21 de jan. de 2018

4160 Tuesdays Dirty Honey - Fragrance Review

One of the things I find very interesting is that when we think of animalic aromas rarely honey comes to mind even though it is an animal product (and one that can even be obtained without cruelty). Whether natural or synthetic, honey as a concept offers a rich range of possibilities: we have floral honey (which for some can refer to cat pee due chemical present in both), sweet and sugared honey and honey from the point of seen from the beeswax, which may be a more sweet and amber sweet or something half-animalic as well. And it certainly is an essence or note that has an appeal of attraction enough to be part of a collection entitled Crimes of Passion and that aims to portray perfumes so seductive that you would follow anyone who was using them.
Dirty Honey's description says that its smell is that of Choisya Ternata, known in English as Mexican Mock Orange Blossom for its similarity in smell with the one of the flower of orange tree. And even though I can see the nuance of honey in the orange blossom, without knowing the scent of the Choisya Ternata, this reference escapes me and Dirty Honey seems like a kind of soliambar from the point of view of honey. It is a perfume that exalts the aspect of propolis present in the aroma of the labdanum and combines it with the waxy and sweet smell of the beeswax and with a sweet vanilla background. The floral scent ends up exuding from inside, as if in some way the bush was surrounded by a large. It is a very interesting perfume, a little linear perhaps and that seems to me an excellent base for orange soliflores. Dirty here in this case refers to the most carnal and non-sugary spec of honey as a whole.