21 de jan. de 2018

4160 Tuesdays Eau My Soul - Fragrance Review

It is interesting to note that the process of developing a fragrance during the history of perfumery is in general a task that either is solitary or involves a very small group of people. In this sense the perfumery is very similar to art, so that a perfume ends up being a reflection from the point of view of a person or a small group of people.
Perhaps this is due to the difficulty we have in sharing our impressions and sensations in a 100% objective way with respect to a perfume - it is like speaking a language where we know the words but the way they are used and interpreted ends up being very personal. However, it is interesting to note how the spread and growth of social networks has generated a community where people exchange knowledge, impressions and words about these perfumes. One of these places is the English group Eau My Soul, made to be a space of peaceful, inclusive and pleasant coexistence.
Eau My Soul, the perfume, came from a preliminary discussion of its founder, Christi inviting people to share how they imagined the perfume and what notes. What first came out as a play took on something serious when Sarah McCartney set out to develop a scent with such notes, even opening a poll for people to vote for their favorites. Sarah's adventurous and fearless style is perfect for such a task as it involves just trying to capture this difficult task of abstracting what we try to convey equally with different words.
And the fact is that Eau My Soul on the skin is delicious, a kind of contemplative perfume that makes me think even in the essence of the origins of the perfume, the burning of aromatic resins in religious rituals. There is a zen aura, peaceful in the creation and certainly Sarah managed to capture well the most voted notes. At the same time, she captured in them the essence of a group: no note shouts more than the other, Eau My Soul perfume is a symphony of all notes, an aura of peace through the chosen aromas. It is curious how the essences chosen by the group marry very well with the yoga knowledge of the perfumer, which gives it even space to create a harmony that brings the feeling of peace using classic essences for this purpose. I can observe a woody and delicate background, obtained with a quality sandalwood, wrapped in sweet, amber and smoldering resins. On it there are small details of various essences, and the ones I get the best I know tell me of a citrus, bright and sweet opening evolving into a floral body of rose and neroli, immersed in the smell of incense. There is something in Eau My Soul that makes me think of an Indian incense, but made with a quality that makes the idea fluid, delicate and abstract, something obtained with good materials and the talent of the perfumer. And while this type of project depends on the talent of a person, Eau My Soul is proof that it is possible to do, even on a small scale, the creation of a fragrance in a more collaborative and inclusive way.