21 de jan. de 2018

4160 Tuesdays Lemon Sherbet - Fragrance Review

I do not know if it's a matter of inspiration, concept or learning curve but I've noticed that the latest perfumes created by Sarah McCartney are just perfect. It's not that the first ones are bad, but I see a talent that has been lapidated over time, discovering how to combine good ideas with impeccable executions.
Lemon Sherbet was created in 2017 in the same way as the perfume Eau My Soul, inspired by a facebook group Sarah is part of, Mrs Gloss & The Goss. As I do not participate in the group I can not evaluate the project as a whole, but the execution of the idea itself is flawless. What Sarah promises she delivers, a sophisticated scent that refers to a lemon Sherbet.
The perfume itself is simple in its purpose and it delivers a citrus gourmand, a balance between citrus notes and a vanilla creaminess, something that reminds me of both Diptyque Eau Duelle and Creed Sublime Vanille. However, Lemon Sherbet sounds better worked showing in addition to a juicy lemon nuances of orange and bergamot and a light citrus floral touch. Vanilla is also more sophisticated, certainly a blend of quality natural with vanillin and musks so that it passes the creaminess and sweetness of the vanilla however, as proposed, in a more sophisticated way, with a slightly more resinous classic aura that makes of classic orientals like Shalimar. It is a delicious perfume, very well balanced that focuses on few things but performs very well. It doesn't owe anything to more famous or expensive creations.