21 de jan. de 2018

Manos Gerakinis Sillage Galant - Fragrance Review

The third member of the Sillage collection of the Greek perfumer Manos Gerakinis is a bridge between the most delicate aroma of Sillage Suave and the most striking aroma of Sillage Royal. The work that was done in Sillage Galant is very interesting and shows a wise vision of luxury, whose difference is precisely in concern and caprice with details.
Primarily, Sillage Galant is a oud-with-roses scent, a well-known and performed combination. However, the way this is presented is interesting. First, the scent combines the nuances of an amber agarwood accord with an aggrestic touch, as if the oud were wrapped in lavender and herbs. There is even a slight metallic touch, a different nuance from what is expected in this type of composition. The rose does not reign ubiquitous, it divides space with the geranium, which enhances the fougere aspect in the middle of the oud, and with the jasmine, which gives a floral carnal touch to the composition.
Another time that Sillage Galant stands out is at the base. Many agarwood perfumes end the same way they begin, dominated by an amber medicinal sweetness. Sillage Galant continues to evolve and shows a second layer where agarwood gives way to a creamy, slightly earthy, woody scent with a velvety musk feel that is very elegant. It is a perfume that sells the elegance of its name and the luxury of its price.