21 de jan. de 2018

Manos Gerakinis Sillage Royal - Fragrance Review

This is the first perfume developed by Manos and in some ways a centerpiece in what is until that moment a trilogy of perfumes called Sillage. Royal is a perfume that was made for the perfumer himself, and when I asked him about the inclusion of certain notes, such as agarwood, he explained to me that when he was developing it he was looking for something that would satisfy his need for perfumes that would last on his skin.
I find it interesting how Sillage Royal sells well the concept of a trail scent and a royal perfume at the same time. This is not a common aroma and is a creation that has an almost linear behavior due to the marked presence of elements such as amber, oud and patchouli. It is a creation that transits between an aura of 80's perfume and a very modern aura at the same time.
I believe that what makes me think of the 80's in Sillage Royal is the combination of patchouli and roses, a type of patchouli richer and less clean that refers to elements of an 80's floral chypre. The rose is heavier also, somewhat dry, tempered by a light spicy touch. The oud becomes a coadjuvant, with a subtle animalic aspect that mixes with an amber sweet aroma and a velvety woody side that remains in the background. Royal Sillage is more direct in its execution, almost linear, an aspect that is more common in contemporary perfumery. But, as mentioned above, it fulfills its purpose of leaving a striking and noble-smelling trail.