4 de mar. de 2018

Dior Sauvage EDP - English Review

It is curious that while the new concentration of Sauvage is the same perfume, the details are different. It gives that strange feeling of looking AT something that you know that has changed but that seems the same. To observe this I ended up spraying edt on one pulse and edp on another and followed the evolutions to understand their differences.

First point of difference is right at the opening. While the opening of the two perfumes remains citrus and fresh, the edp seemed more full-bodied. At the instant I smelled it I thought I had some other more bitter citrus accompanying it, but maybe it's the role of the spices in its background.

Second point of difference for me is in evolution. While edt seems generic to me and has a lavender that I do not like, edp solves this in a subtle way. It is curious that in the way that it was built the labdanum that usually makes the role of base note goes up to the body and if you pay close attention you will smell a kind of honey or beeswax hidden in the middle of the freshness. It is precisely the aroma of the labdanum, and even better the natural essential oil. It gives a warmer feel to the composition.

Lastly, the bases of the two perfumes are different at the same time as they are simile. The idea of ​​both seems to me to be to create a soft base, dependent on musks and ambroxan to give a sensual touch. When you use EDT in contrast to EDP the basis of EDT seems weak, smooth, while the the EDP is more bodied, with something that I find woody and which is not listed in the notes.

Overall, the EDP is a reworking of the idea of ​​EDT with a boost / improvement in certain aspects. It seems less generic, but still it is a casual perfume, one that is not so heavy as to be an EDP intended for cold or night occasions.