4 de mar. de 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute - English Review

Be it in commercial or niche perfumery, creative direction is a critical factor in a brand's creative success. While Gucci was in the hands of Frida Gianini, the brand's perfumery went downhill in the area of ​​creativity and distinction. One of the brands that once stood out in the market for the boldness of its perfumes suddenly became one more name among so many others, launching perfumes that the competition could easily have launched as well.
But as sort of re-emerging from the ashes, Gucci's perfumery looks exciting and distinctive again at the hands of Alessandro Michele and Gucci Guilty Absolute is like a zero mark, and a successful one. Working with the experienced perfumer Albero Morillas, Guilty Absolute looks at consistency, classic and good taste and does it with mastery. The purpose here is to create a structure that remains from the beginning to the end in the skin and which shows itself as a succession of base notes, rearranged in layers: leather, vetiver, a particular extraction of cypress, three types of patchouli. It is a very modern perfume, which looks in the nostalgic aspect to include the leather accord and the contemporany success of ultra-woody perfumes.
On the skin, Guilty Absolute is one of those perfumes that gives pleasure to use, a machine where each piece fits perfectly. What a scent! The leather accord owes nothing to expensive niche perfumes like Cuir d'Ange or Dans La Peau, that scent of leather a little bit greasy, shiny and that reminds me of the tailoring environment. It is tempered to give room for the other notes to shine. The woody scent of the composition is beautiful, showing dry nuances of woods in contrast with something that looks like a citrus woody or luminous in conjunction with a greener wood aspect. I would say that there is even some material that is usually used to create agarwood perfumes and that is why it passes an oud nuance in the composition. And despite the weight of the notes, it is not a heavy perfume, it sounds harmonious and depending on the amount sprayed (or the behavior of your skin, which is my case), it is perfectly versatile. I rarely put my person to the fore in the reviews, but Guilty Absolute made me feel again the excitement I had with the daring commercial perfumery from when I started collecting. It was worth every penny paid.