4 de fev. de 2019

Olibere Precious Collection Leather Attraction - English Review

With the Precious Collection the Olibere Paris has shown its true potential with a bolder product within the fragrance business.If in the first collection (http://www.perfumedodia.com/2015/12/olibere-balinesque-escapade-byzance_17.html) the brand created a line with more sophisticated commercial aura that artistically disappointed a little by being too safe with Precious Collection the brand uses niche perfumery and parfum concentration in a more personal way and with perfumes that look at universal perfumery ideas without seeming common. Leather Attraction, Chemical Love and Dangerous Rose continue the partnership of Marjorie Olibere with the perfumer Luca Maffei and shows that the more they work the more they become in sync and produce an excellent result.

The new creations represent strong female figures from classic films that Marjorie Olibere grew up watching, but as they are daring creations they flee from the typical feminine archetype and produce perfumes that are quite unisex and quietly shareable. Leather Attraction is Olibere's creation inspired by Luc Besson's film, Nikita, and at first it seemed to me that there was a disconnect between the scent itself and the character portrayed. But thinking better, Nikita is a nihilistic adolescent who dedicates her life to anarchy, drugs and violence until she is captured by police and turned into a murderous femme fatale. A feminine floral leather would not fit well into a heroine like that, so a drier, masculine leather fits in well with an anarchic character like her.

Leather Attraction has a retro aura that makes me think of gangsters somehow while referring to the classic leather perfumes of the 40's, a time that the feminine perfumery had that transgressor aspect that fits very well with the portrayed heroine . Leather Attraction has a slightly smoked and woody leather that seems to have a discreet use of rectified birch and cedar to build that more rustic leather profile. It is interesting how the opening of lavender, angelica and carrot seeds creates a dry alcoholic ilusion, something like the aroma of herbs and whiskey. This gives space to the more earthy side of the iris, which comes soon thereafter complementing the scent of leather. When it arrives at the base the perfume shows a more 'delicate' side, which is still not exactly fragile considering who our heroine is. The iris gains a discreet powdery and makeup side and rounds off the more woody and earthy aroma of vetiver and patchouli that join the leather in the final stage of the perfume.

As a concentration extract of 25% Leather Attraction takes advantage of this to give great emphasis to a fragrance of a more linear profile, where the idea of ​​the most rustic and aggressive leather remains from beginning to end and is being modulated by the other elements of the composition. It is a fragrance that despite the proposed protagonists sounds very harmonic and not suffocating. It's a challenging and off the curve profile of what would be a femme fatale, but considering we have an anarchist femme fatale and serial killer the end result really surprises us by running away from all the clichés. For leather lovers this one is worth being tested.